"For several years we used a booking service for our chauffeured work. The cars showed up, bills were accurate, and the service generally went well.

After speaking with Fortis Riders, we decided to try them out. We couldn't be happier with the change.

The reason we're so happy is that Fortis Riders does so much more than arranging a car. They manage every detail of our trips. They expertly track our flights – sometimes notifying me of their changes before I know them. They send me notifications on each status change of the trip. They hand select the best chauffeurs in the world. They communicate every step of the way. They respond immediately by phone or email to any question. Fortis Riders handles all the details of each transport so well that I can focus on other matters. And, best of all, they know me personally.

I had no idea how much more a chauffeured service could offer until I tried them."

-Travel Executive